WordPress Multisite Content Copier

Free WP Multisite Content Copier PRO plugin is the best solution for copy/update posts, pages, custom post types and users from one site (blog) to the other sites (blogs) in your WordPress Multisite network.

Multisite Content Copier WordPress Plugin Features

  • Copy/Update posts
  • Copy/Update pages
  • Copy/Update custom post types
  • Copy/Update users
  • Copy/Update terms (Categories and Tags)
  • Copy/Update custom terms
  • Copy/Update parents posts, pages, custom post types, tags, categories and taxonomies automatically.
  • Copy/Update media (image, document file, etc…)
  • Copy to a single site
  • Add copy to new sites
  • Copy to all sites

Multisite Content Copier 1.2.1 WordPress Plugin Changes

  • Add support for copy post with actual created date.
  • Fix – Bulk copy/update custom terms issue.

We apologize. Download Multisite Content Copier WordPress Plugin is not available at this time. Please sign in using the button on the right, and stay tuned. Thank you for understanding.


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