WordPress PDO Crud – Crud & Form Builder Plugin for wordpress

Free WordPress PDO Crud plugin is powerful wordpress plugin to build forms and perform CRUD operation on frontend and backend both. It is built using PDO Crud php script which is an advance PHP based CRUD application.

PDO Crud application helps to perform complete crud operations by just writing 2-3 lines of code only. You can build forms directly from database tables in few seconds just by writing 2-3 lines of code. All insert/update/delete/view code is managed by the script.

PDO Crud WordPress Plugin Features

  • Very easy syntax and just 2 lines of code for default crud operations
  • Generate forms directly from database
  • Multiple Skin support
  • Supports left join operation
  • Auto generation of insert/update forms directly from database tables
  • Change label name, hide label
  • Remove fields, Show particular fields, Change field type, change display order of fields easily
  • Many commonly used plugins integrated
  • Popup form
  • Multistep form
  • Export form data in pdf, xml, csv and excel
  • Callback functions for PHP and Javascript
  • Ajax based submission

PDO Crud 1.2 WordPress Plugin Changes

  • Setting options for all config field from wordpress admin

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