WooSale – Woocommerce Sale Campaign Pages

This plugin will also create a custom Sale Page for the Woocommerce Products you wish to include in the Promotion.

You can add as many products as you wish, organise them into categories, design the page’s layout and apply a discount either to each category (and the discount will be applied to all the products from that category), or to each individual product, for which you can setup a different discount.

WooSale WordPress Plugin Features

  • Works with Woocommerce
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Statistics for each individual Campaign
  • Campaign privacy – public / private
  • Frontend Notification Bar
  • Countdown Page, with notification Subscription form
  • Promotion Campaign Products Page – fully customizable

WooSale WordPress Plugin Changes

  • Initial Release

We apologize. Download WooSale WordPress Plugin is not available at this time. Please sign in using the button on the right, and stay tuned. Thank you for understanding.


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