YITH Composite Products for Woocommerce

Have you ever noticed your users behavior when they try to configure a composite product?

With our Free YITH WooCommerce Composite Products you could choose any composite product in a completely fast, dynamic and safe way. Your customers won’t encounter difficulties to purchase products such as computers, sports equipment, home furnishings or skateboards, drones, bicycles, etc. thanks to our plugin studied to solve any possible hitch.

YITH Composite Products for Woocommerce Features

  • Allow your customers to assemble their own product using other products from your store
  • Set a base price to which the price of each component will add to
  • Pick the best layout to display the product components
  • 3 different ways of displaying products for each component
  • Select the product you wish to make available for customers
  • Choose the purcasable amount for each component
  • Allow discounts for “composite” products
  • Choose which products need to be purchased
  • Create an automatic link between the components
  • Set a unique or cumulative shipping fee
  • Take advantage of the wpml compatibility

Download Nulled YITH Composite Products for Woocommerce

Download YITH Composite Products for Woocommerce


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